About Our Landscaping

Step One: Give us a shout! Click that handy “Contact Us” button up top or down below so we can get in touch with you. We know the world is high-tech, but it isn’t “techie” enough to give us your info without you providing it.

Step Two: We contact you! Let’s chat! We’d love to hear about your ideas, hopes, and yes, even dreams for your future design! New landscape, upgraded, touched up- any of it, we want to know what you’re thinking about.

Step Three: We come to visit! Yeah! This is the fun part! Our Landscaping Dream Team is the real deal, so yes, there is a small fee for consultation – but the good news is, if you decide to design with Greenman, we eat that cost!

Step Four: Design! Yup, we get to work on drawing up your plans for approval. You’ll be provided with computer images, if applicable, material info, and a solid quote by the end of this step.

Step Five: Build! That’s right! This is our “Get ‘er Done” Step. You sit back and watch the magic happen.

Step Six: Maintain! Yup, landscaping can be a big job to maintain- if you’re interested in someone doing the upkeep after the project is finished, then Step Six is for you!

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